BIO I//Exploiting the overlooked daily occurrences, Stephen Small-Warner provides an other perspective on what is perceived. Brooklyn based fine art photographer, Small-Warner has delved into the craftsmanship of photography. Influenced by film, definitive lines within the wrinkle of a brow, to the geometric orientation of the steel bars in his “Kicks” series shot in Berlin, Small-Warner captures the simplicity of detail. Versed in architecture, design, and digital production Small-Warner shoots the subtle nuances within the world. Self-taught and formally educated with a Masters in Fine Arts International Media, Stephen Small-Warner extensively utilizes his critical eye to encapsulate art in time seen in his portraits and still life photography.

BIO II//TALK TO ME ABOUT:  Convergence of technology, post production workflows, tech start-up, filmmaking  Starting his career as a freelance photographer, Stephen’s keen eye saw his work published in Essence Magazine. His drive to create artful images naturally led him to film production, and as he continued to build his repertoire, Stephen’s clientele list grew to include Howard University, Editor-and-Chief Constance White, FENDI AMERICA , AMEX, FEDEX, and many others.  In 2010, Stephen started an independent production company, where he serves as a Director and Creative Producer.




BBC WORLDWIDE- Promotional Photographer for Mishal Husain

LUCASFILMS - Set photographer for undisclosed film

ESSENCE MAGAZINE- Streetstyle photographer

Fendi America - Freelance Video

Amex/Fedex- Photo

Space150 Creative Agency- Photo/video 



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